ART            BIOGRAPHY            CONTACT
Toon was born on the 4   of September 1971 in Vilvoorde and lives and
works in Lebbeke,where he has his own atelier.
Toon is also known as TDC in the artistic world.
From his childhood he was a creative guy.
In the eighties he started as a graffiti artist,this style can still be found in his
Toon benefits from an official art education,which he got at the Art academy of
Saint-Lucas in Brussels.
After this he expanded his artistic career as an independent,mainly as a
decorative painter in movie-and theatre techniques.
Toon creates sculptures,paintings,drawings in which he always tries to use
innovative techniques and materials.
Toon is very experimental and explicit in the use of colors.
The bright colors turn his paintings virtually into visual eye catchers,also
the substance (viscosity) of his paint is prominent.His sculptures can be seen
as three-dimensional complement of his paint works.
His works are an expression of his feelings,passions,...of him being himself.
What Toon drives in his way of creating is his eternal struggle with
the society and himself.
By using unique materials and decisive colors he agrees,
he makes his world milder and more beautiful.